Actuarial and Risk Management are our expertise. With precision, we anticipate risks to shape a promising future


Our teams, mainly consisting of former auditors, management controllers, experts in Business Analysis and Finance transformation projects, offer their expertise in regulatory compliance, operational risk management, and the production of regulatory and accounting reports. These skills, enhanced by a multidisciplinary approach, allow us to combine traditional solutions with innovative proposals in areas such as: - Internal control and operational risk management - Management control and performance monitoring - Accounting, Consolidation (IFRS / Local GAAP), and operational reporting - Regulatory, normative, and prudential compliance


In an era dominated by financial risk, we provide our clients with functional and project expertise to address their strategic challenges. We offer assistance in various areas, including risk management, Initial Price Valuation (IPV), modeling and pricing, middle-office operations, internal control, and regulatory compliance. Our services encompass both regulatory projects and information systems-related initiatives such as system transformation, reporting industrialization, process automation, and risk tool development. Furthermore, we support you in risk management, valuation adjustments, modeling, and lifecycle management of various asset classes (equities, interest rates, exchange rates, credit, commodities). Lastly, we provide guidance on regulatory issues such as Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB), International Financial Reporting Standard 9 (IFRS 9), European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP), and Solvency 2. Leveraging our acquired expertise and regulatory monitoring, we assist you in navigating these regulatory challenges.


Originally focused on prospective and financial modeling activities (using tools like Matlab, MoSes, or Prophet) within the strict framework of Solvency 2 regulations, the Actuarial Consulting department at Conan Jeken Risk Management quickly expanded its scope to cover regulatory and strategic areas. Our teams of actuaries, financial engineers, statisticians, and financial consultants now provide assistance to our clients in areas such as ALM/Asset Management in insurance, actuarial production, product actuarial analysis, and underwriting.


We bring our expertise to our clients in a wide range of areas, including modeling, implementation of new regulatory constraints, data management, and reporting. Comprising statisticians, business project managers, and data scientists, our team possesses a strong understanding of risk, banking, and the economic environment. Leveraging our expertise in Risk Management & Banking, we support our clients in various areas, ranging from modeling (prudential and financial) to the management of regulatory projects, including model auditing and validation, implementation of modeling guidelines, and regulatory reporting production.


Conan Jeken Risk Management has developed a Data Consulting service to better support its clients in addressing their future challenges. Enhancing and accelerating data usage, improving data quality, making predictions, and using data to drive business decisions are now at the forefront of concerns in the banking and insurance sectors. As data topics are diverse and closely connected to specific business needs, as well as tightly aligned with enterprise architecture, our Data Consulting service is the result of this synthesis. It leverages the technical skills of our data scientists and the industry expertise of our consultants to serve our clients. Our team of experts, including Risk Managers, Actuaries, Financial professionals, and Data Scientists, make Conan Jeken Risk Management an essential partner for achieving your ambitions and delivering practical and sustainable results that match your objectives

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